Women and Child Welfare


C T Ravi’s mission encompasses the empowerment of women in our society. While women in our country are capable of running shoulder-to-shoulder with the men, they still remain the subject of daily atrocity and abuse. Strengthening laws and enforcement will go a long way to make them feel safe and secure. This should be the top priority of every leader today.

However, while most leaders are under the illusion that mere reform in the judiciary can help solve this serious problem of attacks on women, C T Ravi advocates a direct approach. He believes that women should view themselves as strong members of society, and utilise the support systems available, which can resolve the situation better.

Positive steps should be taken to promote equality of men and women, including treatment at home as well as at the workplace. Women have to be encouraged to involve themselves wholly in the development efforts of our society.

The task of strengthening themselves have to be given to them as well, and the notion of gender superiority has to be eliminated. Furthermore, women have to be taught right from a very young age that to live safely and securely is their fundamental right. They should also be prepared for adequate self-defence.

Government-run services have also been dedicated towards promoting child welfare in the state as well as the country. Underage children have been rescued off the streets, and placed in secure homes and schools where they receive formal education to help mould them into promising citizens. Child labour is one area which is of utmost importance to C T Ravi. He seeks to eradicate this problem in Chikkamagaluru, before attempting to stamp it out of the entire state, and eventually the rest of the country.