Indiscriminate abuse of water resources, and ignoring and abandoning the age-old wisdom of water storage and conservation, has resulted in severe water shortage in several parts of the country. Karnataka is no exception. However, painstaking efforts by several activists have benefitted small communities here and there. Yet lots more need to be done.

C T Ravi is planning a state-wide drive to make a detailed assessment of the situation of water availability for drinking, irrigation and power generation. His team is gearing up to work on a comprehensive long-term solution that would address the recurring problems related to water in Karnataka.

He believes that larger investments in water supply can help build a weak community into a healthier, cleaner one. The efforts have to be directed towards funding the local governments and ensuring that the money reaches the right hands. Encouraging public-private partnerships when it comes to supplying villages and small towns with water, using micro-credit to fund self-help organisations, and conducting regular checks on water suppliers also goes a long way in tackling the problem of shortage and distribution.

Various studies indicate that very few cities in India are privy to continuous water supply. Other cities, towns and villages have to make do with water provided at specific places, at pre-determined hours of the day. C T Ravi has already turned his attention to this pressing issue, and is seeking to change the system so as to ensure that water is available to one and all.