Health and Sanitation


No longer restricted to being seen as an isolated problem for rural development ministries, the issue of sanitation in our society is one of the chief areas C T Ravi has developed an interest in. It is his belief that sanitation should be viewed as public good, and only then can action be taken to improve the system.

It needs to be seen as an integral part of health and hygiene in our country. Development goals have to be set, and we have to imbibe international standards if we are to stomp out cases of spreading diseases coming from lack of sanitation facilities.

C T Ravi contends to establish that sanitation relies on making policies and implementing those policies right from the word go. Poverty, illiteracy, poor awareness, inadequate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) efforts by the Government until now have led to sanitation ills in the country. The solution is to target remote areas first, and work our way up from there.

C T Ravi also believes that the typical behaviour of open defecation has to be coaxed out of our people as soon as possible in order to achieve a one hundred percent hygienic and healthy atmosphere in which to live.