Education and Employment


C T Ravi advocates skill-based education, asserting that India has been, is, and will remain, a nation of knowledge. According to him, our country is capable of producing the brightest minds in the world. Even as former Higher Education Minister, Karnataka, his approach was based on a simple philosophy of building and developing essential skills for excellence early on.

Education, to C T Ravi, is about gaining the right knowledge and more importantly, developing perspectives. Helping people of our society gain perspectives which are not spoon-fed to them is the right step forward towards a holistic learning experience.

Ensuring minimum school drop-out rate, and quality education to one and all, is a prime concern.

Allowing children and youth to choose their areas of interest, and interact in large groups, expressing their views on various topics is of utmost importance in building the leaders of tomorrow. This is part of C T Ravi’s learning-centric idea, which encourages children to read good books, share the knowledge they gain and increase discussion and debate, giving us a generation equipped with self-confidence and openness.