According to C T Ravi, there are three goals that we have to achieve in agricultural development: at least 3.5 – 4 percent growth by increasing overall productivity, maintaining food security, and focusing on marginal farmers.

Revising price policies, subsidies and investments, apart from introducing urgently needed reforms in irrigation, water management, research and credit, can help us take an important leap in improving our agriculture.

C T Ravi is of the opinion that there is inadequate use of technology in our agricultural space, which needs immediate attention. Additionally, there is the pressing matter of poor yield growth which has to be tackled quickly in order to achieve greater levels of productivity. Research cannot be region-specific; it has to encourage greater participation from the government as well as farmers from less-endowed regions, and regions plagued by poor monsoons.

He believes that institutional credit has been slipping away from the grasp of farmers who have little or no access to funds. Although there have been some improvements in the flow of credit, it does not meet the huge demand. Increasing the flow of credit can remove the barriers to better farming.