For One For All


India wants a society free of discrimination, inequality and dishonesty. Its citizens now demand, from their political representatives, an action-oriented approach in solving the problems they face in today’s world, with visible and tangible results.

In simple words, people vote for, and want change.

Coming from the grass-roots and having worked his way up successfully, C T Ravi has proved himself as an able and responsible leader, endearing himself to all who know him.

C T Ravi has chosen this field with full responsibility and understanding. In spite of being a family man, he has chosen to re-order his priorities in life, dedicating himself to the service of the nation and its people, driven by his simple yet effective action-based philosophy – “For One, For All”.

This concept emerges from the qualities ingrained in him as a dedicated Swayamsevak of RSS, which guide him in using his position and resources for everyone’s benefit.

Serving the society’s deprived calls for extraordinary dedication, purpose and professionalism, and C T Ravi’s “For One, For All” has delivered on all three counts.

Ranging from issues such as Education, Water, Health and Sanitation, to Agriculture, Justice and Women Welfare, this one theme has prevailed and has successfully addressed those areas which need attention in our society today.

The theme ensures that each and every member of our society becomes the recipient of all the basic necessities for survival.

In the long run, “For One, For All” is aimed at the overall empowerment of society, and elevating the quality of life. It is developed so as to provide for all and create a sense of inclusion, thus eliminating the inequalities that affect us.

Rebuilding a fragmented society takes tremendous effort, and this is where “For One, For All” proves its effectiveness by bringing about a positive change for all.